About Me and My Blog

Hey there!

My name is Monica and I am a film snob.

It’s hard for me to deny it; I fit the bill pretty well: I speak in terms of directors more than individual movies, I always have an opinion, I have taken film classes and do research about film just for fun, I love foreign cinema, I’m a little obsessed with film noir, so on and so forth. I don’t purposefully do this! I’ve been this way since I was a little girl. It was pretty hard to drag me away from the television. I remember complaining that I learned more from my shows and movies than I could learn at school (which was sometimes true…). I was raised in a house of people who loved movies of all kinds (my fellow film snobs). We would watch all these strange, old, subtitled movies right after watching the latest releases from Hollywood. They were never treated differently in my house.  Films were never boring because they were old or incomprehensible because they were foreign, but rather they were bad or good. They were judged by their own merits; we were not “prejudice” about them (if I can say that :P).

This blog documents the different movies I watch. The focus is largely on black-and-white (old) and/or foreign movies. I review other more modern types of films and post about different subjects relating to cinema (or entertainment in general), but this is not the norm.  I’m a capricious gal, so maybe it will become more common than I hope, but it’s not the objective. I really want to ignite a passion in you guys about these films. I think of it like when I’m with my family/friends and its time to pick something to watch. Whenever it is my turn to choose they just laugh at my suggestion. They laugh because they know I’m going to mention some odd, foreign film or lame, old movie. My “weirdo movie” is usually a hit, though (not always, of course. I’m not perfect :P)! Afterwards we can spend the whole evening just talking about it. It really starts up the most interesting conversations! I feel like people forget that these types of movies are supposed to be fun. Just sit back, relax and try new things. It can’t hurt, right? So, these reviews will hopefully open your eyes to some inexpensive options for family movie night, date night, guys or girls night, or just for your own personal viewing.

Additional Info:

  • I get most of these movies from my personal collection, the library or netflix (if its available on netflix instant streaming I will let you know). If there are some good special features available on the DVD/Blueray I’ll mention them, too.
  • For now these reviews will be spoiler-free. I’m not sure if I should open up the comments section to spoilers. I feel like that would lead to more interesting conversations. If you have ideas/opinions on this please let me know.
  • My family and boyfriend may be mentioned in some of my posts. I watch most of the movies with them and I like including other people’s opinions!
  • I will try to update regularly, but if you don’t hear from me in a while it’s probably school related.
  • I will give warnings to explicit content in the films I review. I’ll let you know if they are kid friendly.

Comments are encouraged! I want to hear from all you guys, but lets keep it classy!

The photo used in the banner is a still from Ugetsu Monogatari (1953)

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