Updates: 2 Blogathons and a Contest.

Hey lovely readers! Here are some things that I will be taking a part of over the next few months!

This blogathon starts today! Be sure and click on the picture above and check out everyone’s submissions. The posts are spread out over about a week. My contribution will be posted by next Tuesday (7/10), so make sure and check back then!

I am also participating in a writing contest about classical film. This should be very fun (I love a good competition :P).

Kristen over at Journeys in Classic Film is hosting her own blogathon! I will be taking part, but I still have no idea which film I’ll be doing. If you are interested in joining in there is plenty of time. Just head over there and contact her.


  1. So many Blogathons, so little time! 🙂 I’m looking forward to Kristen’s Backlots Blogathon, too. Monica, thanks a million for taking part in our BEST HITCHCOCK MOVIES THAT HITCHCOCK NEVER MADE Blogathon. I’m looking forward to your own unique take on DIABOLIQUE! 🙂

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